This unique range of cutlery and accessories was designed by Brigette Lotter, a single-mom-artist from Harare, Zimbabwe.

Brigette recycles aluminium parts and turns them into cutlery that is shaped into various forms such as African animal heads, women’s busts and sunflowers, just to mention a few.
She says that her love for her home country Zimbabwe and her travels to countries such as Morocco, India, Zanzibar, Spain and South America have influenced her works and continue to spark her creative juices.

Brigette designs the moulds and employs a team of 20 local Shona-speaking men that help her with the production of her products. Each piece has to be filed and buffed on buffing wheels using a special abrasive soap. Quality control of the final product is of utmost importance to Brigette.

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Bottle Opener approx. 15cm long