These intricate pieces of craft were made by the two brothers Christopher and Joseph. They are both in their late 30’s and are currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. They are originally from Harare, Zimbabwe, but have left their homes and their families to look for a way to make an income to support their families.

As young children both brothers learnt how to make toys for themselves using wire, glass beads and their imagination. Soon they realised that they could make an income by producing individual pieces and selling them to tourists. When tourists started staying away from Zimbabwe due to its social and economic decline, they had to move to an area where they would still have regular customers, hence Cape Town.

A hippo, Joseph says, takes one full day of intricate finger work to produce. Both brothers employ some South African ladies that help them to string the beads onto the wire. They hope to train more ladies in the future thus improving the quality of life of more individuals in the community.

See Joseph working:

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Small Gecko made of wire and glass beads approx.:	13cm long 5cm wide 4cm high