These "SKWAM"(Siswati for bags) bags were hand woven by Pinto Lino Tivane. Pinto is 41 years old and lives in the settlement of Mbekisberg 100km east of Nelspruit in South Africa.

In addition to his job on a banana farm Pinto spends weekends and after-hours running a small bakery and manufacturing bags to support his wife and two children.

He makes the bags, which he calls “skwam” (SiSwati for bags) from plastic strapping collected from a nearby fruit and vegetable pack house. In this way the plastic gets reused rather than thrown away and burnt. Each bag us uniquely crafted and takes three full days of meticulous work to complete.

In the future Pinto wants to dedicate time to train and motivate more people of the community to take part in the production of the bags. This will bring benefits to the people and to the environment they are living in.

See Pinto working:

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